Snow White Bl 4.29

Snow White Bl

Chapter 6

998,441 Nov 12,2019 - 16:08 PM Yd, Yanghee

Snow White and the lewd dwarves...?! The story of the stepfather, known as The Devil King, who is aiming for the prince... the hunter... and the dwarves!
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The Young Master And The Maid 4.88

The Young Master And The Maid

Chapter 43: Orihen Festival (3)

995,978 Dec 01,2019 - 18:06 PM Hisei

It's a fantasy about the life of a Young Master and his maid in a country called Orihen.Original webcomic:
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Beast World’S Wild Consort 4.32

Beast World’S Wild Consort

Chapter 68

995,769 Jan 06,2022 - 17:08 PM 掌阅文化

Ji Mo travelled to the Orc Continent, and there are handsome male beasts who can fly in animal skins and long legs. She has become the most admired female in the entire Orc Continent. Every male wants Ji Mo to give birth to cubs. . “No! Let go of me! My ideal is not to lie down and give birth every day!” Ji Mo struggled in the arms of the handsome male beast.Beast World Crazy Concubine / 兽世狂妃:不当异界女海王 / The World of Beasts: I'm not the king of the sea
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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Vivid 4.65

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Vivid

Vol.20 Chapter 102: Towards A Vivid Future

995,655 Jul 03,2019 - 18:46 PM Tsuzuki Maki, Fujima Takuya

The series takes place four years after the events of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, during which magical girl Nanoha Takamachi rescued and adopted a young girl named Vivio, who is the reincarnation of the Sankt Kaiser, Olivie Segbrecht. After entering her fourth year of elementary school, Vivio is given her own intelligence device, Sacred Heart, and gains the power to transform using her adult Sankt Kaiser mode. She soon comes across a girl named Einhart Stratos who, similar to Vivio, is the descendant of another Sankt Kaiser ruler, Claus G.S. Ingvalt. As Einhart becomes determined to prove her fighting style is the strongest, Vivio befriends her and, together with her friends, enters a martial arts tournament where they fight against various magical opponents and learn more about their past lives.
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Opened The 4.7

Opened The

Chapter 7: Gokai (Misunderstanding)

994,738 Sep 08,2020 - 09:07 AM Tomobashi Kametsu, Nokko

Oliver, an adventurer almost in his 40's received a certain mission in regard of his earnest personality. That mission is to bind a contact with fellow deredere little in spirits who have great power or something like that!?Thus, the fellow spirits gathered and the new life of Oliver as school principal begins--!!- Summary from Gardo Comics
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Shinrigaku De Isekai Harem Kenkokuki 4.62

Shinrigaku De Isekai Harem Kenkokuki

Vol.1 Chapter 1: Meeting With An Elf I

994,080 Jan 12,2020 - 12:05 PM Yuukyu

Shinta Nanba es un estudiante de tercero de secundaria poco comun debido a una extraña enfermedad psicosomatica que le otorga un "inusual deseo por las mujeres", esto no seria un gran problema sin embargo tiene un segundo sintoma que le hace no poder tolerar acercarse a las mujeres. Para poder remediar sus sintomas un doctor le ofrece enviar su conciencia a un mundo paralelo donde podra interactuar con chicas no del todo humanas y acompañado de solo un libro de psicologia afrontar su enfermedad.
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Yawarakai Onna 4.0

Yawarakai Onna

Chapter 8: Haruhiko The Eccentric

993,057 Jan 15,2019 - 18:50 PM Tomi Akihito

Eight short stories: 1. Box Seat 2. Kanojo to Kare 3. Thank You 4. Motto Motto...! 5. Hana Seigaku Kan no Hi 6. Aoi Udedokei 7. Hana Chibo (Five-Fingered Flower) 8. Haruhiko Kikou
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Saikyou No Kanteishi Tte Dare No Koto? ~Manpuku Gohan De Isekai Seikatsu~ 4.65

Saikyou No Kanteishi Tte Dare No Koto? ~Manpuku Gohan De Isekai Seikatsu~

Chapter 30

991,254 Jan 18,2022 - 04:40 AM Fujiwara Rika, Minatose Tsukasa

Yuri Kugimiya is a high school student who has suddenly been transported to another world. As soon as he arrived, he got lost in a dungeon and was then helped by a troop of adventurers. He then discovers that he now has something more: "the Eye of God", one of the strongest skills in this world that allows him to instinctively analyze and evaluate any element.But Yuri does not intend to use this power to fight. He who only wants a quiet life far from conflicts, he then takes a big decision: he will use his power to become a kitchen ace!
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Hana And The Beast Man 4.19

Hana And The Beast Man

Chapter 16

991,045 Feb 09,2022 - 11:25 AM Chihiro Yuzuki:ache

"How'd you get in here, human?"A large wall has always stood between humans and the beast people. Hana accidently finds a hole in the wall and sneaks in, only to get lost. She meets Sana, who pins her down using his large frame. Hana trembles as Sana interrogates her with sharp eyes, demanding to know her purpose inside the wall. She can't escape! But, even though she's been captured as an "intruder," Sana ends up sheltering Hana in his home from the other beast people... What's going on?A sweet, heartwarming love story, though a little on the wild side! Read on to learn the joys of inter-species romance!
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Agent Love 3.58

Agent Love

Chapter 99

991,017 Apr 14,2020 - 09:20 AM Bees And Birds Comics

I was here to be an agent, why do I have to be an idol?! The special forces office Sun Kefei was enrolled into the agency “Music Bureau” that he had been yearning for, but found that this agency was the biggest performers company in the country! Since ancient times, those agents had to take strict training, hid their identities and performed their tasks as pop stars...
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The Adventure Of Boy With A Mind Of A Middle Aged Man 4.76

The Adventure Of Boy With A Mind Of A Middle Aged Man

Chapter 3.3

990,970 Feb 19,2021 - 05:56 AM Rikisui, Chihiro (ちひろ)

A nimble old man, Sagami Shirabe, has reincarnated into a body of a young boy with overpowered ability. However, he has reincarnated into a poor noble family, with a violent mother. On top of that, he gets exiled from the territory at 13... so now he is stuck in a weird situation."If that's the case, how about I just explore this world?" or so he thought.With his abilities and past knowledge, he starts his adventure!alt. raw:
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Touhou Ibarakasen - Wild And Horned Hermit 4.52

Touhou Ibarakasen - Wild And Horned Hermit

Vol.10 Chapter 50: The Horned, One-Armed Hermit

990,541 Jun 14,2019 - 12:04 PM Zun, Azuma Aya

Continuing in the Touhou series, this one follows the footsteps of Silent Sinner in Blue, Inaba of the Moon & Inaba of the Earth, and the Sangetsusei trilogy. This time, Marisa comes across a mysterious hermit outside the Human Village. However, as she tells Reimu about her, the hermit is seen sneaking around the Hakurei Shrine. She's Ibara Kasen, a strange, bandaged ascetic of unknown nature and ability who's far more aware of them and Gensoukyou than either realizes.
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Sekai No Aikotoba Wa Mizu 5.0

Sekai No Aikotoba Wa Mizu

Chapter 9: Season・time・water [End]

99,978 Jul 06,2018 - 19:08 PM Andou Ikori

A collection of nine surreal short stories sharing a theme of water.Chapter 1, Bon: A young boy ponders family affairs around Bon.Chapter 2, We’re Still on Our Way: An astronaut cadet must figure out his motivation if he is to succeed and go into space.Chapter 3, Fusion: When the ultimate form of love is fusion, the government must work to stop a declining population.Chapter 4, Such Sorrowful Stars: In a near-death experience, a man meets a solitary girl running endlessly.Chapter 5, Salt Damage Season: A young woman is captivated by marine “vortexes”.Chapter 6, Sea Weather: A girl follows a schoolmate home only to realize she lives under the sea.Chapter 7, Squish: A girl can see things she calls “squishes”, transparent blobs all around us.Chapter 8, Meltism: If we are the same as the planet, what separates us?Chapter 9, Season・Time・Water: The world adapts to the changing of the seasons.
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Tasogarebashi Ekimae Omokage Shokudou 5.0

Tasogarebashi Ekimae Omokage Shokudou

Chapter 2

99,960 Jan 20,2016 - 10:52 AM James Hotate

The story of a highschool girl who seems to get lost quite often, stumbles upon a train station that shouldn't exist, and a restaurant in front of it with very strange clientele. What will become of her after being forced to start working there?
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Illbeck No Seirei Jutsushi 4.41

Illbeck No Seirei Jutsushi

Chapter 6

99,947 Dec 26,2017 - 00:55 AM Isurugi Ayuma

Illbeck no Seirei Jutsushi summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Illbeck no Seirei Jutsushi. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
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Avatar 5.0


Vol.1 Chapter 7

99,912 Jan 20,2016 - 07:41 AM Lee Hye-Young

The protagonist is your average, everyday, Korean school student. That is, if not for his obsession that aliens live on Earth disguised as humans.Much to his surprise, he was right, the aliens play a game called "Avatar" where they take human form and live human lives. And because of a glitch he caused in their system, now his very life could be at risk.Now he needs the protection of an Admin of the "Avatar game" or else he could very well die!
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