Fiance In Crisis 4.38

Fiance In Crisis

Chapter 34.5

1M Sep 30,2022 - 23:53 PM Soylim, Yoo Gem

Marianne Pon Cling, a beloved daughter of house Cling and the wife of marquess Chester, was betrayed and murdered by her husband one gloomy night because she knew about the marquess's plot against the emperor.When she was brought back to life, she decides to pay a visit to the emperor to report her husband's future coup, the emperor makes the offer that she can't refuse."Be my fiancee and spy on marquess."
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Time To Dedicate Your Death 4.0

Time To Dedicate Your Death

Chapter 8

5K Sep 30,2022 - 23:50 PM Getcha ; San (Ii) ; Wonhiteu

When a forty year old Illian opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was a small hand. An old mercenary, who went back 10 years in past and turned into a twelve year old child, Haven Winter! First of all the family that is falling apart must be re-established, Now that he is back in the past, he must protect the thing he couldn't protect in his previous life. Howeverthe guy who bothered him in the previous life is getting in his way in this life too. " Because you're not Illian Heinrich." What the hell was my past self to you?RAW UP SETIAP MINGGU MALAM / Time To Dedicate Your Death | | Saatnya Mendedikasikan Kematian mu | waktu untuk mendedikasikan kematianmu / It's time to sacrifice your death
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Bokura No Micro Na Shuumatsu 2.96

Bokura No Micro Na Shuumatsu

Chapter 4

30.4K Sep 30,2022 - 23:40 PM Marukido Maki

In 10 days, the world will be destroyed by a meteor. To spend his remaining time as comfortably as possible, bad-luck magnet Masumi decides to visit the library of his alma mater and read as much as he wants until the end comes. But in this hellish world, he meets a devil there: the one man from his past that he never wanted to see again, Ritsu. And if things weren't bad enough, Ritsu has a favor to ask, a favor that Masumi could never have expected----Marukido Maki weaves an eccentric tale of human connection in a world on the brink of destruction in this emotional journey that will take its readers on a wild ride.
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Ani Datta Mono 4.41

Ani Datta Mono

Vol.2 Chapter 19

29.7K Sep 30,2022 - 23:25 PM Matsuda Minoru

My brother died. I come to visit my brother's grave with my brother's lover——...... This is a story of my brother's lover and me and the "thing that was my big brother".
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Versatile Mage 4.73

Versatile Mage

Chapter 931

247.6M Sep 30,2022 - 22:55 PM Chaos

Summary:He awoke, and the world was changed. The familiar high school now teaches magic, encouraging students to become the greatest magicians they can be. Beyond the city limits, wandering magical beasts prey on humans.An advanced scientific world changed into one with advanced magic. Yet, what has not changed was the same teacher who looks upon him with disdain, the same students who look upon him with contempt, the same father who struggles at the bottom rung of society, and the same innocent step sister who cannot walk.However, Mo Fan discovered that while everyone else can only use one major element, he himself can use all magic!
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The Archmage's Daughter 4.84

The Archmage's Daughter

Chapter 138: A Talk With Father

27.9M Sep 30,2022 - 22:41 PM Moon Seora, Saebyeokae

Maybelle had lived a life of abuse under her parents. Upon discovery that these 'parents' aren't her true biological parents and that somewhere, her father exists, with a sad heart, Maybelle sets off in search of him.
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Eternal Life 4.33

Eternal Life

Chapter 79

2.2M Sep 30,2022 - 21:23 PM Updating

Eternal life manhua, Yong Sheng, Eternal Life, The Immortality, The mortal body, metamorphosis, longevity, immortality, and eternal life. These five realms, step by step, reveal themselves in front of you. As a normal person, how can one try step by step to reach and open the door to eternal life?Between the heaven and the earth lies the mortal body, the mysteries of metamorphosis, freedom of longevity, the power of immortality, and the hope of eternal life. A story filled with endless new magic, a new world of immortal styles, people, demons, gods, fairies, magic, kings and emperors. A world of love and hatred, revenge, and mystical battle, all in "Eternal Life."
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The King Of Bug 2.3

The King Of Bug

Chapter 67

18.2M Sep 30,2022 - 20:30 PM Tony

Song An, the bottom social animal, is a down-and-out programmer. His daily work is responsible for fixing bugs in a game called . However, he is more keen to secretly add his own little easter eggs in the game. Turned into a real world, relying on the understanding of the bugs in the game and the easter eggs set by himself, can Song An successfully counterattack?
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Love In Full Bloom 4.09

Love In Full Bloom

Chapter 16: The Bidding Failed

26.8K Sep 30,2022 - 20:27 PM Mars Animation

When I first met Ge Yan, I ran away in embarrassment and didn't dare say anything about what had happened. The next time I saw Ge Yan, I forced him to marry me in exchange for my kidney. Since then, our destiny was tied to each other. When one of us took the initiative in the relationship, the other will take a step back. I refused to be the loser in this relationship and in the end, I won his heart.
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Reality Quest 4.49

Reality Quest

Chapter 50

14.7M Sep 30,2022 - 20:25 PM Lee Joo-Woon

Due to the school bully's threat to get him game items, Ha Do-wan, the unlucky game shuttle, died after playing games all night long for a week. The moment he died, he got respawned to the classroom one week before he died... Everything is the same as that day. The only thing that has changed is the floating in front of him! What? Use the skills of the games I've played so far to beat the bully?!?!
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The Strong Man From The Mental Hospital 4.71

The Strong Man From The Mental Hospital

Chapter 130

13.7M Sep 30,2022 - 20:23 PM Updating

This is a world where evil creatures are gradually rampaging. However, the evil creatures are strong, they all disappear after this mental hospital, and even without dignity, they are reduced to ingredients and pets. This is the green mountain mental hospital, where talents are abundant and strong people are surrounded. In this regard, the seriously ill Lin Fan, who is carrying the system, said: I am definitely not a mental patient, I am a normal person who likes to cultivate. Usually is to touch the socket, climbing high voltage box, thunder days standing on the rooftop to the heavens dance a stick method.
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Batsu-Hare 4.14


Vol.2 Chapter 11: You Can Put It In

445.5K Sep 30,2022 - 18:55 PM Inaba Minori

The story begins with the protagonist, Wakou Ichiro, who decides to return home early from work to celebrate his second anniversary with his wife. But, when he opens the door of his house.... He finds his wife cheating on him! Although the marriage was short-lived, his life changes again when suddenly, a certain woman appears in front of him? Thus begins a new story, a new erotic comedy!
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The Super Security Guard 3.8

The Super Security Guard

Chapter 11: 011

114.5K Sep 30,2022 - 18:55 PM Pan-Dimensional Culture

In a flourishing city, Chen Yang thrives as a security guard through a mix of impressive skills and outstanding intelligence. He defeats tough and vicious enemies with a punch! He outsmarts craft enemies with his wit! But what's to be done with the mature, sexy, and divorced homeowner? The cunning chairwoman with unparalleled intelligence? The bold and brave policewoman? As their snares of love intertwine with Chen Yang by surprise, how will he endure them? Can he overcome the chaos of life?
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Wolves Candy 3.56

Wolves Candy

Chapter 9

25K Sep 30,2022 - 18:53 PM Shinryo

Support the in the official platforms~~~ to anyone who has already a clear scan of this, you can upload it way ahead :)+
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I Refuse To Be Executed A Second Time 3.81

I Refuse To Be Executed A Second Time

Chapter 23.5

174.6K Sep 30,2022 - 18:52 PM Barusa Mine, Sorajima Studio

Ella Walker looks back on her life atop a guillotine. She was forced to cancel her engagement with Prince Gil in favor of her stepsister Isabella and demoted to rule a desolate hinterland. Then, the resulting riot leads to Ella getting executed. But after the execution, she somehow ends up reincarnated ten years into the past. Having been given a chance to do it all over again, Ella is determined to live her new life freely, without being tied down. She gives up her spot as Prince Gil's fiancee to Isabella and decides to work hard to reform the hinterland as its new lord. But fate's guillotine doesn't leave Ella's throat, with the blades of many trials to come threatening to stab her. Can she escape her destined death and obtain happiness?
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Uramiya Honpo 3.96

Uramiya Honpo

Vol.15 Chapter 105: Okinawa Branch - Garbage Road

1.4M Sep 30,2022 - 18:27 PM Kurihara Shoushou

The world is filled with cruel scum, ranging from petty thieves to sociopath maniacs. When a vile low-life inflicts pain and suffering on innocent victims, sometimes their anger becomes overwhelming. Whether their damage stems from romance, finance, reputation or even a death, these victims feel trapped in their own skins and lives.Those victims who can't stand it anymore call for the mysterious woman Houjou Shiori, owner of Uramiya, the "Revenge Shop".The Uramiya specializes in executing revenge schemes. The vengeance their customers request on their bitterly resented enemies could range from financially destroying them, to smearing their social reputation, to even taking their lives. As long as you pay a fair price, the Uramiya will guarantee you get the revenge you deserve.
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