Futari De Koi Wo Suru Riyuu 4.42

Futari De Koi Wo Suru Riyuu

Chapter 64

1.8M Sep 30,2022 - 23:57 PM Hiro Chihiro

In her first year of high school, Urara Andou fell in love at first sight with the kind stranger who saved her on the train. Too flustered to ask for his name or contact information, she swears to take action the next time she falls in love. But it turns out he's a senpai at her school!? Reunited, Urara believes it must be fate. But before she can take action, his childhood friend Misono-kun tells her "I won't hand Aiji-kun over to you." What will she do?
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Surviving As An Illegitimate Princess 4.8

Surviving As An Illegitimate Princess

Chapter 30.5

1.9M Sep 30,2022 - 23:56 PM 서결, Seo Gyeol

Surviving as an Illegitimate Princess manhwa, "Don't look down on me just because I'm young! Even though I look like this, I'm on my 10th life!" I'm an illegitimate princess whose life was cut short after being mistaken as kin of an enemy country. Later, I discovered the identity of my biological father in my 9th tragic regression. It was Faeon, a war hero who defeated the demon king and the strongest holy knight in the continent. He had a forbidden relationship with the princess, had me, and then deserted me! In order to survive the harsh royal palace, I've decided to use and then abandon this impudent father. I will become the strongest as fast as I can and escape from this disgusting country! And so, while I was building my strength, I happened to meet the demon king's son, Leo. He wasn't arrogant like his father, but he was pitifully living in captivity. So, I took care of him in secret. "Asha, you cannot get engaged to anyone." "Huh? Why?" "Because I'll take responsibility for you forever." "What?!" "We spent the night together." What is this prince saying? A father and holy knight who had (?) a forbidden love. Along with an enemy prince who is trying (!) to have a forbidden love. With them, can the unfortunate princess change her fate?
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Pink To Habanero 4.76

Pink To Habanero

Chapter 20

35.7K Sep 30,2022 - 23:54 PM Satonaka Mika

Two weeks have passed since the start of high school. Miyao Mugi encounters the handsome, cool Kurose Kei coldly rejecting a confession. That very same day, Mugi meets him again, but in the most unexpected place and even acting completely different?! What will happen now that she knows Kei's secret?
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Fiance In Crisis 4.38

Fiance In Crisis

Chapter 34.5

1M Sep 30,2022 - 23:53 PM Soylim, Yoo Gem

Marianne Pon Cling, a beloved daughter of house Cling and the wife of marquess Chester, was betrayed and murdered by her husband one gloomy night because she knew about the marquess's plot against the emperor.When she was brought back to life, she decides to pay a visit to the emperor to report her husband's future coup, the emperor makes the offer that she can't refuse."Be my fiancee and spy on marquess."
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Boss Bitch Baby 2.97

Boss Bitch Baby

Chapter 40

65.1K Sep 30,2022 - 23:53 PM Dacto

.Koo Hojin, who constantly falls for people to a fault, and Baek Yoosung, the authoritative and arrogant heir to a large company, spend the best and worst one-night stand together. A few days later, under one condition, Yoosung pays off Hojin's debt...
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Time To Dedicate Your Death 4.0

Time To Dedicate Your Death

Chapter 8

5K Sep 30,2022 - 23:50 PM Getcha ; San (Ii) ; Wonhiteu

When a forty year old Illian opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was a small hand. An old mercenary, who went back 10 years in past and turned into a twelve year old child, Haven Winter! First of all the family that is falling apart must be re-established, Now that he is back in the past, he must protect the thing he couldn't protect in his previous life. Howeverthe guy who bothered him in the previous life is getting in his way in this life too. " Because you're not Illian Heinrich." What the hell was my past self to you?RAW UP SETIAP MINGGU MALAM / Time To Dedicate Your Death | | Saatnya Mendedikasikan Kematian mu | waktu untuk mendedikasikan kematianmu / It's time to sacrifice your death
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The Duke’S Teddy Bear 5.0

The Duke’S Teddy Bear

Chapter 24.5

15K Sep 30,2022 - 23:46 PM Choi Seong-Ha

She is an illegitimate child of a count and is always careful not to tarnish her family's name. Since childhood, she has a secret that no one knows, and that is everytime she goes to sleep, her soul leaves her body and wanders around she can control and enjoy this ability of hers. One night at the ball, she got involved into an unpleasant situation with the Duke, and as she wanders around that night, she was accidentally sucked into a teddy bear which the Duke owned mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendations, reviews, manga recommendations, character fanfiction, favorite quotations, and simply those ordinary anime things that you enjoy, particularly memes.You can , online for free at mangabuddy. Chapters are updated hourly with high-quality graphics and a full English translation. Find free translations of your favorite , and . The latest updated content on mangabuddy is now available.
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Kajiki No Ryourinin 4.69

Kajiki No Ryourinin

Chapter 31

463.4K Sep 30,2022 - 23:40 PM Suzuki Sanami

In this world, there exists monsters called Kajiki. They are huge and scary, for they were created to be eaten by gods. However, they are also very delicious…! Let the battles between monstrous food and a young chef begin!
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Bokura No Micro Na Shuumatsu 2.96

Bokura No Micro Na Shuumatsu

Chapter 4

30.4K Sep 30,2022 - 23:40 PM Marukido Maki

In 10 days, the world will be destroyed by a meteor. To spend his remaining time as comfortably as possible, bad-luck magnet Masumi decides to visit the library of his alma mater and read as much as he wants until the end comes. But in this hellish world, he meets a devil there: the one man from his past that he never wanted to see again, Ritsu. And if things weren't bad enough, Ritsu has a favor to ask, a favor that Masumi could never have expected----Marukido Maki weaves an eccentric tale of human connection in a world on the brink of destruction in this emotional journey that will take its readers on a wild ride.
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Dekiai Osananajimi Ha Watashi No Otto De Stalker!? 4.29

Dekiai Osananajimi Ha Watashi No Otto De Stalker!?

Chapter 12: End

350.4K Sep 30,2022 - 23:39 PM Azuki

Rainbow D:Aoi married her childhood friend, Ren, who she’s loved since she was younger. However, Ren has never once touched Aoi. She has tried to seduce him in the past to no avail. One day, she goes into his locked room and what she finds changes the course of their relationship forever…
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Tabun Korekara Ai No Hibi 4.12

Tabun Korekara Ai No Hibi

Chapter 9

5K Sep 30,2022 - 23:29 PM Ikemori Ayu

31-year-old Akio Ito is totally worn out and has finally quit his job after devoting his twenties to the craft of creating manga comics. He's down and glum when he's reunited with Hiroto Kuma, nicknamed "Kuma", a friend from high school with whom he once enjoyed manga and subculture. A year his junior, Kuma, who is now a bestselling novelist and a single father of young twins, always told Akio that he loved his work.
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Hirasaka Hinako Ga Ero Kawaii Koto Wo Ore Dake Ga Shitteiru 4.65

Hirasaka Hinako Ga Ero Kawaii Koto Wo Ore Dake Ga Shitteiru

Chapter 41

8.8M Sep 30,2022 - 23:28 PM Konya Yukio

Eight years have passed since they promised the witch to keep loving each other.A little naughty love story where adolescent childhood friends secretly observe each other.
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Iincho To Furyou-Kun 4.68

Iincho To Furyou-Kun

Vol.1 Chapter 10

168.7K Sep 30,2022 - 23:28 PM Ise Maruno

Contrary to her appearance, Hatsuse Sakura is an idiot. Because of her, "honor student looks," she is appointed as the class president. To meet up to everyone's expectations, Sakura tries her hardest, however, for some reason since then Shinokura, who is rumored to be a delinquent, has been starting to approach her? The romance of two awkward people.
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Ani Datta Mono 4.41

Ani Datta Mono

Vol.2 Chapter 19

29.7K Sep 30,2022 - 23:25 PM Matsuda Minoru

My brother died. I come to visit my brother's grave with my brother's lover——...... This is a story of my brother's lover and me and the "thing that was my big brother".
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Ending Maker 4.85

Ending Maker

Chapter 35

3.8M Sep 30,2022 - 22:55 PM Chwiryong (취룡), Does

The two who are among the best pro players of the game, Legend of Heroes 2.“Outboxer009” who is eternally first, and the forever second-place “YellowStorm”. One day, these two woke up inside the game…“Hey… you too?”“Hey… me too!”The ending of Legend of Heroes 2 comes with the destruction of the world. But thankfully the two are together. The server’s Rank 1 and 2, at that!It’s time for these pros to work to achieve a perfect happy ending.
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Henkutsu Shosetsuka Wa Koi Ni Irozuku 2.55

Henkutsu Shosetsuka Wa Koi Ni Irozuku

Chapter 3

56.9K Sep 30,2022 - 22:55 PM Yan

Novelist Kazuaki Kiriya is in a writer's slump, and what's more he hates people and is shy. One day a gardener, Torai Sotetsu, come to Kiriya's house to do some work. A story about a gardener in his 30s and a novelist in his 40s.
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