Strange Tales Of The Republic Of China 4.07

Strange Tales Of The Republic Of China

Chapter 11: Getting Lost In A Dark Alley

264.6K Sep 30,2022 - 14:55 PM Ztm, Polar Society, Battle-Ax Kittens Society

In the republic of china, strange tales has become a legend, but strange things related to Yin and Yang are still happening.A nobody called Lu Wuji meets an young demonhunting girl and togheter they must face their fates.Slowly strange tales and supernatural phenomena are re-emering.
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Strange Tales Of Xiao Zhi 3.15

Strange Tales Of Xiao Zhi

Chapter 166: Soulsnatcher (3)

417.2K Sep 30,2022 - 13:48 PM Hua Hua De Leng Zi

Who is Xiao Zhi? He is your unlucky classmate, your nervous neighbor, your weird childhood friend that hangs out with you… while there are countless parallel worlds, there will be countless Xiao Zhi, and each of them have their own characteristics and fate. The only constant they share, is that there's always something weird happening around them…
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Master Of X-Ray Vision 3.85

Master Of X-Ray Vision

Chapter 223

4.2M Sep 30,2022 - 12:57 PM Yoolook Comics

He is an international martial arts master who can kill a person within ten steps.He is a gentle and elegant antique master who is good at jade gambling and painting collection.He is a famous master from Xuanmen School who excels in geomancy and fortune-telling and is greatly respected by Buddhism and Taoism together.He is also a guru in the fields of medicine, reconnaissance, and investment.He is Zhang Jun, who, by coincidence, obtained the relics of Buddha's eyeballs and has since seen all the beauties in the world with his X-ray Vision.
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Sky Sword God 3.97

Sky Sword God

Chapter 594

19.7M Sep 30,2022 - 12:51 PM Hangman, Jiaji Mei Dou

Based on the great natural law, the strong is invincible. The antediluvian method of elixir shines the mountains and rivers, the all-conquering treasured sword annihilates the universe and transmigration, and the blood vessel of Shura ruins the supremacy of every realm. Inheriting from the mandate of heaven, and practicing unrivaled skills, Nan Qin overwhelmingly started his own travel towards the strong which is immortal and matchless! "Burn the sky and boil the wine to study the rule of Shura, and then kill those beast all!"
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Detective Xeno And The Seven Locked Murder Rooms 4.8

Detective Xeno And The Seven Locked Murder Rooms

Vol.7 Chapter 67: Gunshot On Red Rust Street 2

1.6M Sep 30,2022 - 11:26 AM Sugiyama Teppei

The story follows Detective Xeno, who after being found collapsed at the side of a road covered in blood and was taken to a hospital the first thing he said upon awakening was solving a murder that happened in the hospital! Xeno himself has no memory of who he is or where he came from, but after that huge incident and after leaving the hospital, he opened up a detective agency and in just a year he solved some high-profile cases.
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I Randomly Have A New Career Every Week 4.27

I Randomly Have A New Career Every Week

Chapter 202

3.4M Sep 30,2022 - 11:23 AM 阅文漫画

After being fired from his company, Lin Yi accidentally gets the All-Pro Experience System. Lin Yi relies on the various career arrangements and generous rewards given by the system to achieve his ambition and path to wealth step by step, becoming the ultimate all-powerful big brother who dominates the world.
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Zui Qiang Fan Taolu Xitong 4.63

Zui Qiang Fan Taolu Xitong

Chapter 516

71.1M Sep 30,2022 - 11:22 AM Chu Ying She Tu, 初樱社

Scamming all day, every day, often venturing alone. He bluffs to get the ultimate power in this cultivation world?! world traveler Xue Que doesn't always bluff, but he needs to."Before you get your hopes up, The Character is Absolute Garbage, The Manhua is Pure comedy at best... The plot ehhh not so much"
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Libidors 4.39


Vol.7 Chapter 69: You Can't Choose Your Fetish.

4.5M Sep 30,2022 - 10:54 AM Masaki Kasahara

Libidors summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Libidors. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
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Shi To Kanojo To Boku Yukari 3.63

Shi To Kanojo To Boku Yukari

Chapter 24.1

174K Sep 30,2022 - 09:55 AM Kawaguchi Madoka

Sequel to Shi to Kanojo to Boku. (  I can see ghosts. I can feel their fear and loneliness. I want to help her who is trying to save ghosts because she has power to see them. I, Yuusaku Matsumi can hear the voices of ghosts. Ghosts who get hurt even after death, who keep embracing their loves who they can't forget. They are like me, who loves her.
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Chasing Tails 4.79

Chasing Tails

Chapter 53

134.1K Sep 30,2022 - 09:31 AM Updating

After nine college students are trapped under a collapsed building for 14 days, only six come out alive, and only four of them can speak. The dead bodies of their fellow students are viciously mangled, leading police to investigate the case as a possible homicide. Detective Lieutenants Jeongdo Kwon and Yeongchae Shin, together with renowned neuropsychiatrist Dr. Yeongwha Ju, must parse through witness testimony and inconclusive physical evidence to uncover the truth. But how do you solve a locked-room murder case when every witness is a suspect?
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Mao 4.32


Chapter 157: Curse From The Previous Generation

185.3K Sep 30,2022 - 09:26 AM Takahashi Rumiko

The story is set in a "land where two worlds intersect," and it centers on "a strange romance between a boy and girl who meet by fate."(from ebookjapan):Onmyoji and Yokai? A girl's bizarre Taisho romance! When she was in the first grade of elementary school, her whole family was involved in an accident, but she is the only one who survived. In her third year of junior high school, she passes by the accident site again and is somehow transported back to the Taisho Era! The next day, Nanoka's physical abilities are awakened when she is told by Mao, a boy she met there who is an Onmyoji, "You are a demon, aren't you?" The Taisho bizarre romance in which the two of them face their "destiny" that will come begins!(
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Despite Coming From The Abyss, I Will Save Humanity 4.33

Despite Coming From The Abyss, I Will Save Humanity

Chapter 91

2M Sep 30,2022 - 08:22 AM Melon Bread Comics, 一簇西语, 漫诗居士

The Abyssals represent pure destruction. They have unparalleled power and follow their instinct to remove all life from the world. However, one day, a traitor appeared among them. Silvija, a clueless girl, woke up on the battlefield and learned that she is the "Twilight Abyssal" that the humans hate. After escaping numerous pursuits, Silvija was adopted by the Ilia family and gradually formed her conviction.*She will save mankind using the body of an Abyssal. She will protect the kindness and warmth she received.*However, it seems the Will of the Abyssals does not intend to succumb to her..."Miss Silvija, it's time to display your power.""Eh~ but I hafen't finifed my defferts yet..." Still a Chad as ever.PS: The protagonist is single. Feel free to tease her~
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Ranger Reject 4.67

Ranger Reject

Chapter 68: A Dreamy School Life, Part 13

4M Sep 30,2022 - 07:10 AM Haruba Negi

Thirteen years ago, suddenly the Villainous Army of evil appeared in their gigantic floating castle 10000 meters in the sky to invade Earth! The villainous army have reviving capabilities that make them immortal, making them a serious threat to humanity. To protect us against these invaders, the Divine Dragon Rangers, the Dragon Keepers, wield their miraculous powers and their weapons, Divine Tools, and continuously fight for our safety! The assault of the Villainous Army! The vigilance of the Dragon Keepers! Will they succeed in their conquest…? Find out in the action-packed superhero series of a lifetime!From Haruba Negi, the creator of 5Toubun no Hanayome.
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Rebuild World 4.81

Rebuild World

Vol.8 Chapter 38

14.2M Sep 30,2022 - 06:54 AM Kirihito Ayamura, Nafuse

At the risk of his own life, a young man sets foot in the ruins of a devastated old world. His name is Akira, and in order to claw his way out of the hellhole that is his birthplace of Slumtown, the boy became a hunter. In the wastelands he happens upon a strange woman, standing perfectly still, stark naked.She is beautiful, but it seems that only he can see her. She exists incorporeal, tantalizingly beyond any touch, and she tells him her name is Alpha.Alpha won’t show even a sliver of her real intentions, but with a wide smile, she brings Akira his first commission as a hunter. Akira takes the task, if only to become a stronger hunter, and having entered a contract, their dramatic lives in the hunting profession was set to begin.From Stories of the Boy Hunter as recorded by the Eastern Hunters’ association.Written post-collapse of scientific civilization.
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Bameur Geonneun Seonbi 4.62

Bameur Geonneun Seonbi

Chapter 95

1.6M Sep 30,2022 - 06:28 AM Jo Joo Hee, Han Seung Hee

Seong Yeol is a vampire scholar that has been hiding from people for many years, letting them believe that he is an old man with leprosy. The only person he lets enter his place is a smart bookseller, Yang Sun. Together they will try to fight against a conspiracy.
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Take A Good Look At Me Now 3.76

Take A Good Look At Me Now

Chapter 260

28.1M Sep 30,2022 - 00:53 AM Ireader, Palm Reading

The First Son-In-Law Vanguard of All Time by a comic artist named Zhǎng yuè tells the story of Xu Wuzhou passing through time and space, and he is surprised to find out that he has become a son-in-law, he is not only known as a trash worm but also On the first night of the marriage lying on the bed of a prostitute, after eating, she entered shan brothel and was caught red-handed. his cold wife was very disappointed in him. His father-in-law locked him in the Qin family's warehouse to punish him. however, because He had passed through, He got a reincarnation bowl that was broken, to increase its strength, it would have to swallow a metal … visit
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