This Croc Will Die In 100 Days CHAPTER LIST

Mr. Teacher summary:

William (who calls himself Wiwi in his head) is not your typical English teacher. The reason? He tends to be even less mature than his students. He’s headstrong, a tad bit vindictive and a rascal. Come along and discover how this teacher survives being surrounded by students with strange questions, colleagues who are just as crazy as he is, management who keeps him under close surveillance, and shoddy equipment that is ready to break down at any moment. In this Webtoon you’ll get to stand on the other side of the desk and discover the secrets of the classroom!
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 31 502 Nov 24,23
Chapter 17: Modest 1.4K Mar 31,23
Chapter 16: Smash Bros 1.8K Mar 24,23
Chapter 12: Make And Do 1.1K Feb 25,23
Chapter 11: Sausage 1.1K Feb 25,23
Chapter 3: Masks 1.8K Feb 25,23
Chapter 2: Ice-Breakers 2.7K Feb 25,23
Chapter 1: Introduction 4.6K Feb 25,23
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