Give A Heart To The Emperor 4.66

Give A Heart To The Emperor

Chapter 62

9M Aug 19,2022 - 15:02 PM Besi, Coconut Berry, Yullimni

Yesterday was a very normal day, I couldn't get myself to sleep, so I decided to read romance novel that I liked. It was a rather sweet story. In it, a female protagonist heals the scars that the male protagonist's parents left on his heart. The mother of that male protagonist was called Charlion, a character that caused the male protagonist lots of mental and physical trauma as a child. The father of the male protagonist was the Emperor, who massacred his way into power, went on to conquer all the surrounding nations. It was in the fourth kingdom that he conquered, at the royal palace of King Renoa, that he decided to stop his war of conquest. The Emperor fell in love with Charlion at first sight. He took her back with him to the Empire, as spoils of war, and married her. In her eyes, Charlion married the demon who crushed her country and slaughtered her family right before her very eyes. She was forced to become the empress and gave birth to the crown prince, the male protagonist of the novel. In her moments of instability, she abused her child, the male protagonist. And she was left so broken and devastated that she ended up committing suicide. So can someone tell me WHY DID I WAKE UP AS CHARLION, THE ICON OF MISERY…. Note: [Story actually starts before the events of the mentioned novel, making Charlion and the emperor the main characters]Plant a heart in the emperor / 황제에게 하트를 심어주세요
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Contract Concubine 4.7

Contract Concubine

Chapter 147

9M Oct 11,2022 - 09:41 AM Rejong, Red Witch, Babgukk (Rice Stew)

One day, Yesuh, a famous assassin, receives a strange request from a suspicious man. She's never received such a ridiculous request before, but after hearing how much the odd man was willing to pay, she decides to bite the bullet and take on the request.However, upon starting the mission, Yesuh is shocked to find out that her suspicious employer is actually--?!
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An Unparalleled Martial Arts Spirit 4.19

An Unparalleled Martial Arts Spirit

Chapter 152

9M May 30,2022 - 17:42 PM

In the continent of Longmai, thousands of clans stand tall, countless sects exist, and cultivation is the way of life. The strong can do anything they want while the weaklings live like ants. Youngster Chen Feng has an incomplete dan region, causing him to be unable to cultivate, he withstood countless sneers directed at him. Until he obtained a mysterious dragon bloodline, breaking out of his cocoon and opening a new chapter to his life! Coquettish demonic fox spirits, cold female emperors, demon girls or princesses from a prestigious clan, all of them jump into my embrace. With the unparalleled inheritance, I will manifest the strongest martial spirit, obtain all the beauties and look down from the heavens.
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Deadman Wonderland 4.75

Deadman Wonderland

Chapter 58 : End

9M May 13,2022 - 19:23 PM Kataoka Jinsei

A huge anomaly ravaged the mainland in Japan and ruined most of Tokyo, sinking three quarters of town to the ocean.Ten years after, the narrative shifts to Ganta Igarashi, a seemingly average pupil attending the middle-school of Nagano Prefecture. As an escapee, a survivor of the quake that is fantastic, Ganta has lived a regular life and has no memories of the disaster. This all changes when a strange man covered in ruby armour and blood floats through his class-room windows. Grinning madly, the 'Red Man' massacres the whole class of Ganta but but rather of killing him, embeds a reddish crystal shard in the torso of Ganta. Within days of the massacre, Ganta is sentenced to death at Deadman Wonderland, a jail that doubles as a theme-park and is subjected to some kangaroo courtroom as a defendant.Arriving in the jail, Ganta is fitted using a unique apprehension which tracks important indicators and his place. A deadly toxin is continually injected in to his blood-stream through the grab, but nevertheless, it may be neutralized by have a particular sweet-like medication every three times, which is often had through various actions in the jail, i.e. performing for crowds, operating back-stage, buying with forged factors (a type of money among prisoners at Deadman Wonderland), etc. To assemble Cast Points, an offender must execute in the deadly games of the facility and live. Luckily for Ganta, a mysterious woman named Shiro, who seemingly understands Ganta, and is understood by other prisoners at the same time aids him.While wanting to live as an offender on death-row, Ganta means to locate the 'Red Man' to clear his title. In a weird turn, Ganta starts to acquire the capacity to control his blood, of making it a weapon to the idea. Unknown to Ganta, he's become one of the jail's "Deadmen," an isolated number of prisoners have the Branches of Sin making them capable of controlling their blood. Ganta is made to take part in cruel gladiatorial death matches called Carnival Corpse, whose anonymous viewers pay substantial amounts of cash to observe after his skill is found. In his lengthy battle to live he manages to befriend a few of those he fought off in the stadium and with their aid, Ganta proceeds his search to to discover the identification of the 'Red Man', why he changed into right into a Deadman, as well as the shadowy secrets the penitentiary authorities are concealing
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The Bloody Merchant Empress And The Cold Husband's Forceful Doting 4.55

The Bloody Merchant Empress And The Cold Husband's Forceful Doting

Chapter 212

9M Mar 12,2022 - 18:41 PM Tofu Manhua

Shang Yun, a daughter of a merchant, fell in love with general Huo Mingcheng, ascending to the throne as Empress. However, she did not expect Huo Mingcheng to turn against her and kill her after finding a new love. The snows of June allowed Shang Yue, who had wrongfully died, to be reincarnated.Her first thought after reincarnating is for revenge. She cannot let the tragedy of her past life happen again. Her cold exterior slowly falls apart at the hands of Yan Zechen. Unknowingly, she has fallen in love with Yan Zechen who has been quietly protecting her. But it seems they already met in her past life...
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I Gave Birth To The Tyrant’S Child 4.37

I Gave Birth To The Tyrant’S Child

Chapter 105

9M Mar 07,2023 - 14:43 PM Ryu Ran

The day after the most festive night in the year, Ilya has opened her eyes and was greeted with a naked man's hard, muscular back. Ilya quickly recognized him as Cairat, the emperor known for his cruelty, so she left at the speed of light before he would wake up. Ilya hopes to forget the previous night and move on like nothing had happened. But things don't go as she expects "I am pregnant??" The tyrant's child was conceived from a one-night stand. "What happens if a woman with His Majesty's child appears?" "A child who shouldn't exist, so of course I'd to deal with it." In a way, he said that he would kill both the woman and the child. "You should never tell the emperor that you are pregnant." Ilan decided to keep this secret to herself forever, afraid of what may happen to her child if was discovered who the father was. But the Emperor's actions are a bit unusual
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Gangnam Dokkaebi 4.57

Gangnam Dokkaebi

Chapter 38

9M Aug 29,2021 - 09:19 AM Lee Kyung Min

Someone has made a wish to kill all students. The Dokkaebis, man-eating creatures who are bound by rule that they can only act to help people, are now allowed to hunt down students… Students are going missing left and right and Ki-mok, a student who is also one of only 44 people in the world with the “Blood of Gold”, is now in a fight for his life against these supernatural beings that vie for his blood to empower themselves. 
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The Strongest War God 4.34

The Strongest War God

Chapter 152

9M Feb 24,2021 - 17:10 PM Readcomic

The strongest soldier and a band of ferocious heroes -- fighting for their country, fighting for their people! Only death can stop them, and they will press on until their dying breaths!This is a book for men! A hot-blooded story!a
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Powerful Juvenile King 4.63

Powerful Juvenile King

Chapter 63

9M Sep 04,2022 - 13:43 PM Hakai Interactive

The poor college student Lin Yang accidentally got a ring, and his body was transformed into a body that has a unique appeal to women...
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Osananajimi Ni Najimitai 4.82

Osananajimi Ni Najimitai

Chapter 24: I Want To Get Along With My Childhood Friend [End]

9M Dec 25,2019 - 22:43 PM Araido Kagiri

Osananajimi ni najimitai summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Osananajimi ni najimitai. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
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Ore Ga Ojou-Sama Gakkou Ni 4.62

Ore Ga Ojou-Sama Gakkou Ni

Chapter 81: W-What Are You Looking At!? [End]

9M Oct 10,2018 - 21:59 PM Nanatsuki Takafumi, Risumai

From MangaHelpers: In a hidden school surrounded by mountains, young ladies of good families are taught everything a high class lady needs to know. They are also completely cut off from the outside world, keeping them sheltered and innocent. However, a problem has come up recently-- more and more graduates are failing to cope with the modern world after graduation. To deal with this problem, they've decided to kidnap a male commoner student, and enroll him as a student. They hope that this will be a gentle way to introduce the girls to the outside world. Kagurazaka Kimito is chosen for this dubious honor, mostly because he seems utterly average. However, the school leaders also seem to have concluded he's a homosexual with a muscle fetish. When Kimito hears that the alternative may be castration (to protect the girls' purity), he eagerly plays along with this misconception. Now he'll just have to survive the attention of many high class young ladies that are completely out of touch with the world! [tethysdust]
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Blame! 4.83


Chapter 066

9M Nov 24,2020 - 18:53 PM Nihei Tsutomu

Killy is a man of few words. He wanders, seemingly endlessly, through a lonely, gargantuan labyrinth of concrete and steel, fighting off cyborgs and other futuristic nightmares, searching only for something called Net Terminal Genes. And he has a very powerful gun, which he uses without hesitation whenever anything resembling danger rears its ugly head. Who is this quiet, violent, determined man and what are these Genes he seeks? The small communities he finds tucked into the crevices of this towering, dystopic ruin hardly give him leads on his treasure, driving him to find larger enclaves of civilization where people can reveal more about the world he lives in and the quarry he seeks. Chapters 1-19: Read from left to right Chapters 20-66: Read from right to left
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Talented Genius 4.26

Talented Genius

Chapter 175

9M Nov 03,2021 - 00:38 AM Tu Shan Jun Studios

The overproud president, the shy little secretary, the South-African black diamond princess, the special force female bodyguard, and the silky beauty who loves to eat carrots will passion you out. What kind of passion? The fate of entanglement or the calculation of the mind, into the genius master, take you to appreciate the different assistant life.
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Sword Dance Online 2.96

Sword Dance Online

Chapter 54

9M Dec 06,2021 - 12:17 PM 漫客文化 燃梦动漫

He was a part of the top 10 players in the beta test for “Sword Dance Online”, but when he was put into a vegetative state after the car accident, he became a monster in the game. After endless amounts of time spent getting stronger, he soon struck terror to the noobs of the server and encountered affectionate situations with countless women.
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Sword Of Benevolence 4.29

Sword Of Benevolence

Chapter 160

9M Feb 08,2023 - 17:47 PM Heziguangying

[Boundless Fairyland], a virtual reality platform for gamers to fight as magicians, warriors, healers, and whichever fighting class they choose. However, the fight has spread beyond the internet, escalating into real bloodshed. In reality, our male lead fell victim right before the final round of the game’s ultimate championship. He closed his eyes, vowing to seek revenge. He re-opened his eyes, a new day dawned-a “new” day, two years ago, right before the game was officially released. Memories of the past two years, predictions for the next two years, he who relived it all shall rule it all!
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Rules For Peddling In Another World 3.99

Rules For Peddling In Another World

Chapter 95

9M Feb 18,2023 - 09:38 AM Zero Creation Animation

If you accidentally crossed over into another world, what kinds of abilities would you need to reach your peak in life? Would you became an Enchanter? A Hero? Or maybe a Cultivator of Immortal Techniques? Of course not. You would take advantage of your present day knowledge in this other world to do business and earn big bucks!
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