Miracle! Hero-Nim 3.34

Miracle! Hero-Nim

Chapter 105: Epilogue [End]

2,811,893 Jun 28,2022 - 01:30 AM Measure, Jeongha
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Memorize 4.77


Chapter 100

81,479,316 Jun 27,2022 - 23:57 PM Jeongha, Ro Yujin

Korea's first ever webnovel of the 'another world' genre, Memorize. The legend has returned in webtoon form!] Hall Plain, a different world from Earth. After being discharged from military service, Kim Su Hyun is suddenly abducted to the world of Hall Plain. After many twists and turns, he manages to reach the peak of the Hall Plain. However, all the anguish he had experienced during his 10 years in the Hall Plain left him in despair. To change his bitter past, Kim Su Hyun decides to use the Zero Code's power to turn back time 10 years. "It is absurd to use an object with such incredible power to simply turn back time. I will ask for the final time. Player Kim Su Hyun, do you truly wish to repeat those ten years of torment?" Seraph looked at me like she was pleading. I couldn't help but laugh for no particular reason. For no particular reason indeed.
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